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Solar PV Panels
The Government’s FiT (Feed in Tariff) is still available for all PV installations. Payments are guaranteed for 20yrs’ & are index linked. Solar PV systems are maintenance free, silent in operation, with no moving parts. The systems will last over 30yrs & can be installed on almost any building! 4.0kWp fully installed systems starting at only £4,650 incl. VAT
Solar Photovoltaic
Solar Thermal Panels
Solar Thermal Hot Water Solar thermal panels can save up to 60% of your domestic hot water bills. A two panel system is suitable for a family of four. A typical installation, including a 250L cylinder will cost £3,995 incl. VAT*
Solar Thermal
Okofen Pellet biomass boiler & buffer tank
We specialise in biomass boiler systems.  We supply & install wood pellet, wood chip & log batch boilers for both domestic & commercial applications. Biomass boilers are the ideal solution for properties off mains gas, replacing heating oil & LPG boilers. Typical 20kW biomass installation = NO MORE HEATING BILLS + £890 income EVERY YEAR guaranteed for 20yrs’ (index linked) Under the non-domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) the government pays users of biomass boilers 8.3 pence / kilowatt of heat produced by the biomass system. This is inflation linked & guaranteed for the next 20 years, more than covering fuel costs & initial system investment.
Biomass Boilers
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